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Hello Stranger. Welcome to my homepage. Please don't mind the mess, renivations are still ongoing as this is a new establishment. Right now, you can access my other pages using the buttons on the left. I really hope that the teleporter works, it has been a bit iffy the past few days with all the reconstruction going on. Feel free to look around the place, most of the things you see on display are things my brain has just not shut up about. While you loiter around, i'm going to go work on some blue prints. Have fun! Oh, before I forget, if you ever get lost, just use the side pannel on the left, it'll bring you straight back here. That is all my friends. Go and Explore!


Because this website is a work in progress, most of the pages are not finished yet. The main page that is done is the Pucci Palace Page which still requires some work. Please be mindfull of the undergoing construction. Thank you